Recent Changes: Minor bug fixes.

Older changes: Added choice of 3 different Hint levels, including teaching hints. Added ability to single out colored pencil marks using CTRL+[the number to highlight]. Turned off beeps when inputting puzzle with "Always show analysis" enabled. Increased contrast between original puzzle and work. Fixed a bug where Hidden Single always reported in block, even if row or column. Added pencil marks to printing. Miscellaneous enhancements to text and graphics. Added 'Verify' button to check current work, as well as ability to reset to last good move if errors found. Added congratulatory picture and sound when puzzle solved. Added lighter color shade so original puzzle can be seen. Added menu items to reset puzzle and enable/disable sound. Fixed a bug causing strange visuals when computer DPI set to non-standard setting. Added option to create symmetrical puzzles. Improved random number generator. Improved puzzle generation speed. Fixed bug occurring on Win 98, ME, 2000. Added more pencil fill options to cell right-click menu. Puzzle analysis now reflects current pencil marks (if they're valid). Added count of unsolved cells to analysis. Better clue distribution in puzzle generation. Added a verify prompt to delete current puzzle when loading a saved one.

IMPORTANT: This program requires a license to function. If you do not have a license, you may get one here.

Pro ™ for Windows

Latest Version: 2.0.23

Released: 7/29/2008

Click Here to Download

Older versions of Windows may require VB runtimes, which can be downloaded here.


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